“We would like to point out the fast solutions to any of the requests from the company owners as well as from the person in charge. During our long-term collaboration, we have never experienced any sign of reluctance, unreasonable demands or requests and we highly appreciate it.”


Armed Forces Academy Of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik, Liptovský Mikuláš, July 2020

Ing. Roman CHALOUPKA, Senior Assistant

“What we like the most about the services of AMG Security is their customer orientation, great communication and fair collaboration.  AMG Security is in any situation ready to reply promptly to any of our demands. We are very impressed by their attitude and responsibility and we really enjoy our collaboration with AMG Security.”


GLS General Logistics Systems Slovakia s.r.o., July 2020
Stanislav Halama, Budča logistic centre

“We greatly appreciate your flexibility, performance-based approach, adaptation to our needs and professionalism, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our requests were addressed quickly and we enjoyed the courtesy you provided along with a willingness to resolve any problem. We can absolutely confirm that AMG Security offers high-quality complex cleaning services.”


Office of the President of Slovak Republic, July 2020

Ing. Katarína Dedinská, Property Manager

“AMG Security has extensive experience working with our patients.  We are amazed with their quick problem solving and pleased with the fine work the company does for us. The communication we have with AMG Security is always very good and effective.”

Philipp Pinel Psychiatric Hospital, Pezinok, July 2020

M. A. Alexander Nagy, Property Manager

“AMG Security is a company with many years of experience in their field. It has a professional approach and always tries to deliver complete services and customer satisfaction.  It provides us with cleaning services as well as the summer and winter maintenance of our site and building."


Scania Slovakia s.r.o., July 2020

Peter Sámeľ, Head of Workshop


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