Polymeric Disinfection

Disinfecting, sanitising and good hygiene are key to maintaining a safe environment. They come hand in hand with cleaning services. To our existing clients and to anyone who wants to keep their workplace safe and hygienic, we offer the best solution available on the disinfectant market.

New standard for infection prevention

At AMG Security, we combine professional polymeric disinfection with the ultimate technology of spray application – cordless electrostatic sprayers.


How to maintain a healthy workplace?

The most advanced, cost-efficient and eco-friendly solution, which is harmless to materials, people and animals, is polymeric disinfection.

Polymers are materials composed of long molecular chains, and thanks to these chains, they provide long-term surface protection. Many proteins in your body are also polymers. They are made of macromolecules with a high relative molecular mass. The term “polymer” derives from the Greek word polumeros and refers to large molecules whose structure is composed of multiple repeating units. PolyHMG is a new type of multi-purpose polymer cleaner and disinfectant made of two components:

  1. PHMG – Polyhexamethylene guanidine,
  2. N-Alkyl (C12-C16), dimethyl-benzyl ammonium chloride  


Antimicrobial polymers, also known as polymeric biocides, are a class of polymers with the ability to kill simple microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi or protozoans.  They also inhibit the viruses’ living cells, such as bacteria. 

As opposed to other types of disinfectants, polymeric disinfection besides killing microorganisms will create a microfilm with lasting effect for few next days after the application to protect the treated area from microorganisms. Polymers consist of macromolecules with a highly stable structure and they provide surface disinfection with a long-term effect.


Safety in your offices, stores, warehouses, hospitals, schools, community centres…

  • chlorine-free, no odour, no irritations, no damaged surfaces, no materials changed colours
  • harmless to humans and animals, the disinfectant can also be applied in the presence of humans and animals without any protection or fear of endangerment, 
  • eco-friendly and cost-efficient thanks to its formulation, water-soluble, long-lasting effect and low working solution concentrations
  • it does not destroy any kind of material (leather, metals, textiles, paper, plastics, rubber, wood, etc.)
  • non-corrosive
  • non-flammable
  • non-volatile
  • non-reactive
  • non-toxic
  • resistant to temperatures from 0°C to 250°C
  • available for various applications
  • classified as a low risk biocidal product (biocidal products are used in cosmetics and detergents to prevent microorganisms from growing on them).

Cordless electrostatic sprayers

The application of polymer disinfection has a very important role. Our sprayers have an electrostatic function which means more complete coverage as the disinfectant finds its way on the bottom side of treated surfaces, inside pipes, small gaps, etc.  Bacteria and other microorganisms will not survive, which means that the risk of infection is minimised.

Why we use cordless electrostatic sprayers:

  • full coverage on any surface
  • the disinfectant does not drop, as the particles hold their cationic charge for 2-3 seconds, which prevents dripping
  • the electrostatic charge can be switched off thereby making the disinfectant drop only to surfaces where it is actually applied
  • the electrostatic function ensures that sprayed substance adheres on the bottom and inside part allowing them to have an even coverage of all open objects and ensures the complete sanitisation of the whole surface 
  • quick and effective application
  • reduction of cross-contamination risk (spreading bacteria from one surface to another which is typical for touching or wiping)
  • does not disturb or limit others during its application – no cords, gauges or compressors
  • eco-friendly and cost-effective application – the electrostatic function allows for spraying up to 65% fewer chemicals, less liquid and enables the disinfection of more surfaces

Cordless electrostatic sprayers can be used in many applications and we can also use them for the following services:


Often used with biocides and disinfectants for food processing plants, cruise ships, airplanes, cargo containers, production agriculture, hospitals, schools, day care veterinary clinics, homes and businesses.


Used with the right chemicals to neutralise a wide range of chemical agents, biological agents, and toxic industrial chemicals. Uses include hazmat teams.


Electrostatic sprayers can be used for the application of various solutions. Great for the application of insecticides or fumigants in locations such as warehouses, maintenance, under buildings, restaurants, kennels, stables, barns and chicken coops.


Combined with the right chemicals, eliminate odours in cars, gyms, locker rooms, restaurants, dumpsters and many other applications.